The Aspire icon is an obelisk, casting shadows of feminine and masculine, coming together in a neutral purple. The obelisk itself represents Aspire’s goals of ever reaching up, ascending above the mundane, and always taking the high road. The obelisk also represents the concepts we design in similar fashion, with an aesthetic that rises above the ordinary into extraordinary.


The Aspire|MKT team has over 19 years of experience in the industry. Their work has been published alongside such industry greats as Pete Harrison, Radim Malinic, Jonathan Wong, Chuck Anderson, and Nik Ainley.

For the last three years they have produced the marketing for one of the most influential Steelcase dealers in North America, and assisted in the development of two programs which have been implemented by Steelcase worldwide.

One of their most notable projects was for one of the largest healthcare companies in North America. They successfully led a complete rebranding for the subsidiary (originally known as Corphealth) now known as Lifesynch, which is the behavioral health and wellness division of Humana Inc. They designed everything from the logo, to their brand standards, and all of the marketing material including their website. A procurement system was also developed and put in place to ease the ordering of standardized and customizable printed member materials.

Aspire|MKT has had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of clients including Neiman Marcus, JCPenny, Dallas Morning News, Freeman Group, Steelcase, Fort Worth Opera, TCU, Humana, TXU, Sony Ericsson, Whole Foods Market, Humana, and LifeSynch just to name a few.